Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Laura's post..

Think you have to go abroad to have a good holiday? Think again! Britain has many amazing locations and there's truly something for everyone.

Affordable. Refreshing. Incredible.

Affordable... If you could save hundreds of pounds by switching your holiday abroad for a break in the UK and have the same fun you'd do it, right?

Refreshing... See the amazing views of the Peak District. Lie on the beach in Cornwall. Watch dolphins and seals on the Scottish coast.

Incredible... Enjoy the unique sights and history of Britain.

As well cultured citizens you know the amazing holiday destinations the UK boasts. Why leave home when you can explore them?

Think this looks good? I was surprised to discover that Wales has so many beautiful sights and attractions. I wouldn't tell you that you have to decide whether you want to go immediately, but if you like what you see, why not take a look at Wales breaks here.

Discover some of the incredible experiences to be had in the UK. And now you've seen our blog maybe you'll be intrigued enough to take a look:

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This is the badge for a personality test I took. According to, I'm an ESFJ - a social butterfly who values relationships, supporting and nurturing others. I don't fully agree with the ESFJ profile but it's not surprising it's a bit off as for some of the answers I didn't agree with either options.

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